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This year’s district 8 competition was held at Bob and Gaye Kackley’s Farm in Byesville, on August 28, 2011. It is located right off of State Route 313 on Roller Road. The Meadowbrook FFA hosted the competition. It started at 10a.m. and lasted approximately 2 hours. The results were posted online the next week.

            We had a team for both the rural and urban soils. Both teams made it to the State competition, happening this Saturday in Circleville, Ohio. The top 5 teams move on. The urban team placed 5th. Our rural team placed 3rd.

            The urban team included Kaila Czigans, Abigail Dudley, Katelynn Addy, Miranda Miser, and Karlee Bates. Kaila placed 7th, Abigail placed 16th, Katelynn placed 9th, Miranda placed 14th, and Karlee placed 34th.

The rural team consisted of Zack Patterson, Carrie Waers, Erica Showalter, Cody McCormick, Jeff Diblasio, and Jessica Addy. Jeff placed 75th, Zack placed 54th, Cody placed 34th, Erica placed 32nd, Jessica placed 16th, and Carrie placed 2nd.  This year was a big success.