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Fair Booth Setup

            The Sunday before our Guernsey County Fair started, Meadowbrook FFA members met at the oscar share building on the fairgrounds around noon. We spent two hours setting up and decorating our booth. The theme was “It Ain’t Where, It’s How You Live”. They picked this theme because in our area, not everyone lives on farmland, It’s just not possible. It lets people know that you could live in the middle of town and still be country. It’s all about your morals, values, and actions.

The members set up the vegetable projects along with canning, hay, and woodworking projects. Others put up decorations on the wall. The booth showed a city on one side and a farm on the other and a road connecting the two. There were small paper dolls holding hands across the middle, representing unity. The FFA worked hard on the booth this year. They put a lot of time and effort into the work. It ended up looking very creative.